State of Giants Offensive Line

It's a shame he's injured as he was playing up to his potential this year. Good to see him take it to defensive player instead of reacting to what defense was going to do. Now if they can work on getting Matt Peart up to speed would be really good.
Thomas so far this year was playing at a Pro Bowl level. If he can't go against Dallas do they move Nate Solder to LT and start Matt Peart RT. It seams like Hernandez plays better next to Solder. Therefore may be start Peart at LT and keep the continuity between Solder and Hernandez?
As for Peart it's my understating that Judge and the Giants offensive staff expressed their desire to have Dave Gettleman draft Peart with the 99th pick of the 2020 draft. It was well understood that Peart would need a year to clean up his technique and get stronger. When he was drafted many experts believed he had too much athletic ability not to be a starting tackle in the NFL.
Hopefully he has progressed from last year.
Can't understand what Judge was thinking when he had Andrew Thomas in uniform standing on the side line when he had a foot injury. When questioned about it by the media he said that he would have only used Thomas in an emergency. This didn't make sense on several levels. He had already activated a tackle for the game. I am not doctor, but having Thomas stand around couldn't have helped his foot. When Judge was asked about the injury to Thomas' foot this week he gave his usually standard meaningless canned answer.
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I wonder if Judge and Gettleman wish they had drafted an interior lineman or two in last year's draft now.
It would have made sense given how thin they were at those positions going into the draft. I guess that will be addressed in next year's draft.
It's going to be interesting to see how well the offensive line holds up against Aaron Donald this week.
Aaron Donald may be the best defensive interior lineman of the modern era.
Whoever is playing QB for the NY Giants is going to be aware of Donald's presence.
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Any thoughts on how they can chip away on their 2022 salary cap problem?
Patricia Traina has a very interesting article on the subject" Why the Giants Need to Be Sellers with Trade Deadline Approaching". Excellent article. IMHO the Giants should explore trading James Bradbury if they can get a reasonable return on the trade. I really like Sterling Shepard, but he has cap hit next year of $12.5 million. I wouldn't like to see him go but the Giants probably could get some nice picks in return from a contending team. That might be consideration? I don't have the answer to this question, but is there a market for Leonard Williams? What could they get for him in a trade? What would be the trade ramifications be on 2022 cap.

Also Blake Martinez was the heart of defense last year. Coming back from an ACL injury in 2022 with a cap hit of $14 million. Not sure what the Giants should do there also?

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