Should the Giants be starting Matt Peart at Left Tackle instead of Andrew thomas

With Nate Solder starting at RT Sunday, should the Giant's be playing Matt Peart at LT. I think so.
Matt Preat has extensive college snaps at LT. He is more athletic, has more agility, balance and foot speed than Andrew Thomas. The thing working against this is that Andrew Thomas was drafted with the the 4th pick of 2020 draft and Matt Peart was picked with the 99th pick in the 3rd. Would the Giants make the switch. I doubt it as they have a lot invested in Andrew Thomas as the 4th pick. That 4th pick was really valuable as draft capital in a potential trade. Also it brings a much higher cap hit each year. Joe Judge likes to cross train his players. Here's his chance to make a bold move. I think it's a move the Giant's should make. What do you think?