Quarter Mark - Report Card


Almost a quarter of the way through the season. Figure it is a good time to assess the team's play.

QB - B- (I mean, he is not Top 10 and may never be, but he is playing with poor WRs and an average at best line.)

RB - A+ (Barkley is a beast. Makes sense to not pay him, but he is a joy to watch and my favorite player)
TE - B (What do I know. They seem to be doing a good job. Seems to do what is being asked blocking and receiving)
WR - F (pee-you)
OL - C- (Hopefully Neal makes the jump. The interior of the O-Line is concerning. Especially running the ball)

DT - A (Lawrence and Williams are excellent)
DE - C (Jihad Ward has been a pleasant surprise. KT looked better in game 2. AO needs to get healthy)
LB - C (Not much to note here)
CB - B (pleasantly surprised by the CBs. I feel Adoree has been strong)
S - B- (I really like JLove.