Joe Judge


He is back as an offensive assistant.

Belicheck endorsed him to be the Giants coach, so it is reasonable that he bring him back to his staff


Fired by the Giants in January after two years atop New York's staff, Joe Judge officially agreed to a deal to return to the Patriots as an offensive assistant, the team announced Tuesday. Judge, 40, spent eight years working for New England before the Giants hired him as their head coach in 2020.
If he's going to be a really good head coach in the NFL he's going to have to learn about everything that goes with being a HC. Especially program building.
JAT it may have been better moving into a College HC job instead. Learn how to really build a program. IMHO that's what really good HCs do. They build programs which win such as Parcells. Coughlin, Belichick, Saban etc. Then move back as a HC in the NFL.
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Blue Redo

Happy for him. I believe that he is a good man. Let him keep learning and adding experiences.
Nice to see some loyalty from Bill.