General Thoughts and Observations

I think Judge does hold himself accountable I've yet to hear him throw anyone under the bus.
After the Tampa Bay game not only did Judge fire Jason Garrett, but threw his coaches under the bus.
The coaches didn't put the players in a position to succeed. That's interesting as its the players who get paid to go out and make plays. I wonder who comes up with the weekly game plans?
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As a Giants fan, I was so proud of Michael Strahan on Sunday during his number retirement ceremony.

When he thanked the John Mara and Steve Tisch and their families a few fans booed. He showed why he was such a respected team leader. He didn’t shy away from the moment. He said ““I’ve got to say this: Every team has their ups and downs,” Strahan said to the crowd. “But the New York Giants have won Super Bowls. There are teams that never have. Appreciate what you got. We will be back! We will be up again! I guarantee you that!”
That’s why he’s not just a Hall Fame player, but a Hall Fame person!