2022 Giants draft day party/event?


Hello. It seems like this is my annual question I keep asking around about. The Giants used to have a draft party/event thing at MetLife -stadium usually day 3 of the draft. I know both Giants and Jets season ticket holders have event there on day 1, that Thursday night. Last year, Eli had a fan fest at MetLife-I think In August that was fun. Years ago, there was always something at MetLife so I am truly hopefully there will be something this year. I posted a flier from an announcement on a draft party years ago below. I work Saturdays, so If I could get an official announcement or news on this, I can plan accordingly and schedule a much-needed day off. The old draft parties were great, met great fellow fans, got a chance to walk onto the field, locker rooms and media rooms. Plus meet some former players and some newly drafted players. Which was cool. I am in full draft mode, reading up on players, checking out other fan mock drafts, and listening to always great "Locked on Giants podcast' and my favorite Podcast host. (Thanks Pat) Just trying to keep my sanity from work, world events and no football season Haha
Anyway, I just hope there will be something this year and we can all enjoy it.
Thanks. Go Giants.


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