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    Two back pro set

    I think hes even more injury prone scrambling as there seems to be a shut off between his take off and his landing slide which is never executed properly. Not having an effective running and passing game is just such a basic comment its the goal of the game from kids football to the nfl
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    Two back pro set

    Right now Jones is our qb1 no matter how you look at it. About his only strong point is his running ability. Not intending to use his strength really negates any chance of him being successful
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    Ask Pat

    Do you think that fan tirades about keeping Judge on every type of social media available influenced the Mara s at all in their decision?
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    Should the Giants trade for Russell Wilson?

    Wilson has kept Seattle in games with a line equally as bad as we have in NY . We need a scheme that utilizes the talent the team has and assistants that cultivate what we have on the roster. The nfc east is average at best and with right coach, scheme and good draft we could be back in the race...
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    Best and Worst Moments of the Dave Gettleman Era?

    Gettleman was terrible with free agency and cap issues he caused although Abrams was also involved
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    Two back pro set

    I disagree and think if we are going to use the qb as a running option as we have we need to shorten the distance possibly in the pistol formation like Ravens use and also it would shorten directly hitting the hole and hopefully eliminate Saquons dancing
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    Top 10 Draft Prospects - - For the Giants!!

    Are we going to keep Bradberry and his big cap hit? If not we have a huge hole in defensive backfield
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    Head Coach Candidates???

    I like Jim Caldwell ,hes been established as a head coach had a decent record at all stops, Tony Dungys right hand man and will attract quality assistants which we have been lacking
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    State of Giants Offensive Line

    Wishful thinkinh Tony but I doubt anytime soon Gates will be cleared to practice again if ever, hes had some career ending injuries.I think if we let Bradberry walk and sign Sauce Gardner to replace him on rookie contract the cap savings can be used for a vet olineman
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    Judge Explains Why he Thinks the Giants Have a Foundation in Place

    Judge relies on undefinable words so he can never get locked down to any particular statement. Ive seen enough "foundation " and "process" and "culture" to last me a lifetime
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    Giants to Keep Judge, Jones per Report. Mistake or Right Move?

    I think Garrett was more of a Mara stop gap idea , someone with head coaching experience in case Judge floundered worse ..[how much worse] I dont know. The wall between the Judge boys and the oline coach Garrett brought in showed further how Joe isolated himself from the offense
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    Where can I find Judge's Hoodies?

    Check ebay after Judge gets let go after this season
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    Should the Giants trade for Russell Wilson?

    Lets weigh the price doesnt cost nothing to look
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    Giants to Keep Judge, Jones per Report. Mistake or Right Move?

    We need some professional coaches on the staff who have earned their bones in the NFL and not someone who showed up at a Judge family picnic looking for a job
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    State of Giants Offensive Line

    First the oline needs an experienced competent coach, something that has been lacking for quite awhile. We have to stop penciling in players like LeMieux and Peart ,Hernandez and Solder crossing our fingers they will get better during the offseason...they wont , and we wont and they need to be...
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    Should Saquan Barkley play in week 18??

    Who knows what the teams plans are for Barkley? His running style definitely is not conducive to our scheme, maybe he will be shopped if he has a decent game in last 2 outings?