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    Grade Our Mock Drafts: Coach Gene Clemons's Mock

    Overall, I would be pleased with this draft. I consider it a toss up between Neal and Cross, so either one would be great to have. I've been touting Linderbaum in past posts, but there may be just too many other needs to ignore. I'm also high in Zion Johnson, but he'll be gone before somewhere...
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    Tell Us: Are you concerned about Kadarius Toney's skipoing of the off-season program?

    Appears to be extremely talented, but you have to wonder about his commitment. After a less than satisfying rookie season, you would think he would be doing anything possible to make a good impression on the new administration. He has a chance to be a star in NY, and there's no better place to...
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    Which Would You Prefer to See Happen?

    With lowered expectations for the coming year, I wouldn't mind seeing the Giants load up on draft choices this year. Of course, they would need to really have an excellent draft. With the possibility of having a lot of cap space next year, giving the 2022 draft class a year to grow into...
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    State of the Giants

    I don't care who your QB is, if he's spending most of the game running for his life, you'll probably end up with a loss. The best QB's in the league could not have prospered behind the Giants turnstile of a line. How did Patrick Mahomes look in the SB when he lost both starting tackles? He made...
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    Division Winner?

    I would be extremely surprised if the Giants even reached a .500 record this season. Schoen is going about this the correct way. When your house is one step away from being condemned, it's time to tear it down and rebuild. Giants have to nail this draft. They need to find 4-5 starters and the...
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    Drafting one offensive lineman in the 1st round of the draft?

    I also voted for Linderbaum. He will improve both guards playing along side of him. I believe he is the best offensive lineman in the draft, regardless of position.
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    I *LOVE* This choice for a potential Giants UFA signing....Your thoughts?

    I have heard the same disparaging remarks about Linderbaums weight, the thinking that he may be undersized. I also recall hearing those same comments about Aaron Donald, too small to play inside. How'd that work out! I'm still upset the Giants passed over Donald for Beckham. Not a knock on...
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    I *LOVE* This choice for a potential Giants UFA signing....Your thoughts?

    Daniels seems to be a great fit for the Giants, assuming that his price is reasonable. Would love to see the Giants get one of the premier tackles, then Linderbaum (I know, I've been screaming for Linderbaum) in the first round. I believe Linderbaum is the best Olineman in the entire draft...
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    Giants Draft?

    An offensive line consists of 5 players. When you're team only has one reliable offensive lineman (assuming Gates will not be ready until later in the season), drafting any of the top linemen, be it a tackle, guard, or center could hardly be called a reach. Hoping #5 and #7 are offensive linemen.
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    Giants 2022?

    I seriously doubt they could be worse, so I'd say yes, they will be better!
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    My offense focused Mock Draft - Feb. 11th 2022

    I firmly believe you build a team from the inside out. When I compare the state of the offensive and defensive lines, my belief is that the offensive line needs far more help than the defensive line. Not saying the defensive line, meaning pass rush, doesn't need help, but with the new DC's...
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    My offense focused Mock Draft - Feb. 11th 2022

    Couldn't agree more with the first round selections! Two grand slams right off the bat! Rest of the draft looks solid. It will be the first two picks that will have the biggest impact in my opinion. I can see the Giants taking an edge rusher if one of the top guys is still there. There is a...
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    Very Early Giants Mock Draft with Two Trades PFN Draft Simulator

    Any draft that includes Tyler Linderbaum and another top Olineman is fine with me. If the Giants could trade down as per your draft, and still pick up the two linemen you suggested, along with several other picks, count me in!
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    We happy with the selection, folks?

    Glad the Giants went with an offensive minded coach. While I still believe that defense wins championships (I know, old school, but I've been watching the Giants since 1958), in todays game you need an adequate offense at the least. But as important as an offensive mind is, I think what...
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    Should the Giants trade for Russell Wilson?

    No! Besides the exorbitant hit on the salary cap and the cost in draft picks, consider that you will be placing a 34 year old QB behind an offensive line with players (exception of Thomas, Gates if he returns) whose post football career jobs will be as turnstiles in the New York subway system. I...
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    Very Early 7-Round Giants Mock Draft

    Agree with with Linderbaum pick. I really believe he is the key to the first round for the Giants. Linderbaum, combined with one of the other top rated linemen would go a long way in advancing the Giants competitiveness. I'm aware that there is a need for a stud edge rusher, I like Hutchinson...
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    With the fifth pick in the draft.....Evan Neal (OT)

    I seriously hope you're wrong! It boggles my mind that any knowledgeable football GM/Coach could look at the Giants Oline and think, "Let's see, there are several good linemen available, let's just draft one and then hope there might be something available in the later rounds". They are in...
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    Very Early 7-Round Giants Mock Draft

    At the risk of sounding like a broken record, any draft that excludes Tyler Lunderbaum (assuming he is still on the board) is a huge mistake on the Giants part. Hamilton is a great prospect, but can he keep Jones upright? Can he open running lanes for Saquon? The Oline is the Giants biggest...
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    With the fifth pick in the draft.....Evan Neal (OT)

    Agree 100%! As I said previously, I think Lunderbaum is the key to the 1st round. Neal, Ekwonu, Green, or any of the highly rated Olinemen, along with Lunderbaum, would be an ideal start to the draft. Also, the Eagles will be looking to replace Kelce at center, so taking Lunderbaum stops them...
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    With the fifth pick in the draft.....Evan Neal (OT)

    Then take Tyler Lunderbaum with #7,