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    Overtime Rules

    Before I give my suggestion for an overtime rule change let me say I wish OT remained as it used to be - sudden death. First team to score wins. Period! Football is comprised of 3 stages; offense, defense and special teams. If you lose the OT toss you still have a chance to win by playing good...
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    Very Early 7-Round Giants Mock Draft

    Preaching to the choir Big Blue Fan! Let’s hope Schoen sings the same tune.
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    Very Early 7-Round Giants Mock Draft

    Couldn’t agree more Chuck!
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    Poll: Who Do We Like for GM?

    I like Peters for 3 reasons. 1. He had more of an impact assisting first time GM Lynch ( who had no front office experience either) than Schoen in Buffalo with Beane. 2. I feel Peters gives us a better chance of getting a former head coach rather than going the first time former assistant route...