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    With the fifth pick in the draft.....Evan Neal (OT)

    Chuck: Totally agree with that philosophy. The Conventional Wisdom is that you draft best available in the first round. This is what gives us predictions like using the first 2 picks on Edge Rushers or Safeties. But the GIANTS offensive line is a burning building, so conventional solutions...
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    General Manager Chores

    1. He has to hire a good head coach. George Young hired Parcells, who taught the team how to win. Before that, he hired Ray Perkins, who taught the team how to stop losing. 2. He has to help the coach build a staff. There are 20+ assistant coaches. In the past, some have been pretty good...
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    Two back pro set

    Patricia: You mean like Tom Brady, Aaron Rogers, and Joe Burrow?
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    Best and Worst Moments of the Dave Gettleman Era?

    The worst moment of Gettleman’s career was when he was hired. The best was when he retired. I remain unconvinced that he or Reese had the power in the organization that John Mara claims has “always” existed.