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    Should Joe Judge Get a Third Season?

    He may be a young head coach, but he has been around long enough in the NFL so that he should know how to manage a game with regard to time-outs and going for it on fourth down with a team that has nothing to lose. These tactical mistakes are what are turning me against him. I don't see them...
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    Should Joe Judge Get a Third Season?

    He should not. He has not demonstrated an ability to manage a game intelligently or imaginatively. His players may like him and play hard, but the talent level is execrable, especially the offensive line. Gettleman bears most of the responsibility for this, but Judge has let it happen. It is...
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    Should the Giants bring back Odell Beckham Jr?

    This roster is so inferior, they should take a chance on Beckham, although I question whether the coaches will know how to best use him, since they haven't yet figured out how to use Toney or Engram.