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    Troy Aikman Bulletin Material

    Patricia Traina just wrote an great article (must read) about this week's Giants Cowboys game. Aikman and Buck are calling Fox's game of the week the Giants vs Cowboys. According to Aikman, the Giants at 1-3 are not in the same class as the Cowboys who 3-1. WOW that's interesting. I guess the...
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    Possible Giants trades before this year's trade dead line.

    According to the Giants currently have approximately $1.25 million of cap space. Could there be trades in the works which can help the Giants with their cap space. I happen to like Evan Engram, but it may be time for him to move on from the Giants. Jabrill Peppers is another...
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    General Thoughts and Observations

    It seems like this year the Giants had more key players suffer hamstring injuries. Especially among Wide Receivers. What's that about? Any thoughts?
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    Is Eli Manning headed to the Hall of Fame

    With Eli's number being retired Sunday September 26, it made me think is Eli headed to the Hall of Fame. Is he a 1st ballot Hall of Famer? What do you fans think? Love to hear your thoughts!
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    Should the Giants be starting Matt Peart at Left Tackle instead of Andrew thomas

    With Nate Solder starting at RT Sunday, should the Giant's be playing Matt Peart at LT. I think so. Matt Preat has extensive college snaps at LT. He is more athletic, has more agility, balance and foot speed than Andrew Thomas. The thing working against this is that Andrew Thomas was drafted...
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    State of Giants Offensive Line

    Has reality set in with the Giants about the state of their offensive line? We heard from Dave Gettlemen that the kids were young strong and would be fine. He wasn’t concerned about the that O- Line play being a problem. Jason Garret said yesterday the O-Line would be just fine. Dave Gettlemen...
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    State of the Giants

    I know it's preseason, but is the Giants O-Line going to be fixed in less than 2 weeks when they have to face face Von Miller and Bradley Chubb. I doubt it. Not sure how much of a help Billy Price will be. Daniel Jones took responsibility for everything that went wrong offensively. Like Eli use...