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    2nd Contracts

    This is more of a general question about roster building. Do teams generally devalue certain positions and are therefore unlikely to offer a second contact to a good player at such a position? For example, the Giants have had a run of really good DTs that they let walk after the 1st contract...
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    Where's # 89?

    Where is he? Potentially on the trading block.
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    Which Would You Prefer to See Happen?

    Surely trading out of either 5 or 7 should include a swap of 2022 firsts. So, for example, if there's a trade with Pittsburgh, the Giants, almost assuredly will get the Steelers pick at 20, in addition to a slew of other picks. Personally, I think we've seen enough of Danny Dimes. Not every...
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    We happy with the selection, folks?

    Only time will tell. If the Giants were heading in the right direction, there likely wouldn't be an opening. It's going to depend upon expectations of ownership and the fanbase. I'm glad they went in the direction of offense. Now, is it better if Daboll designs the offense and calls the plays or...
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    State of the Giants

    I suppose the cap dictates that not every player can be offered a 2nd contract. Choices have to be made. Franchise QB, shut down corner, Double Digit sack edge rusher, and left tackle should take precedence. After that, cap considerations have to set in.
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    Should the Giants trade for Russell Wilson?

    You can't say get position X in round Y. You end up forcing picks. Giants do not need to be chasing short term success at the expense of the future by trading away valuable first round picks. As Patricia keeps repeating, Giants are not a QB away from contention. Plus, Giants are already in cap...
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    Sean Payton (Yes I Have to Ask)

    Since he's under contract with New Orleans, wouldn't there be a cost in getting him, like draft picks? If so, I'll pass.