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    I *LOVE* This choice for a potential Giants UFA signing....Your thoughts?

    I like Gardner but would hate to pass up on either Neal or Ekwonu with our #5 pick. Gardner is getting a lot of mention. He's not likely to be there for our #7. I wonder how the new GM and coaches feel about prioritizing a prized tackle or a lock-down corner?
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    Which Would You Prefer to See Happen?

    I would not mind if they kept one of their first-rounders and traded back or traded for a future first-rounder (and more) for their second first this year. Acquire picks and build for the future. Just make sure you nail that first-round pick!
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    My Post-Combine three-Round Giants Mock Draft

    I would not be surprised if Gardner is picked at 5 if Neal and Ekwonu are gone.
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    My Post-Combine three-Round Giants Mock Draft

    Travon Walker would be a great selection but he will not last until our pick in the second.
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    I *LOVE* This choice for a potential Giants UFA signing....Your thoughts?

    I like Linderbaum also but aside from weighing only 290 lbs. he has very short arms. That makes two knocks against the Rimington Award winner and possibly enough to scare some teams. We need heft and power to open holes for Saquon.
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    My Post-Combine three-Round Giants Mock Draft

    This following on the heels of Logan Ryan's release: [His departure leaves the Giants with Xavier McKinney and Julian Love as their only experienced safeties under contract. It could indicate that the Giants might be seriously eyeing Notre Dame safety Kyle Hamilton in the first round of the 2022...
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    My Post-Combine three-Round Giants Mock Draft

    I think that Gardner or Hamilton may find their way into one of our first two picks. They are playmakers. A blitzing defense better have DB's that can hold their own. I have been reading that Schoen and Buffalo never drafted O-linemen that high. The belief is that an O-line need only have good...
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    Giants sign OG Mark Glowinski - 3 yr - 20 Million

    Good player. Solid move. Signing him and Jon Feliciano, former Bill, helps solidify things on the O-line prior to the draft. The 3/14/22 write-up on Glowinski has me very optimistic! With him at right guard it will certainly help a rookie RT (looks like that is where we are headed).
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    I *LOVE* This choice for a potential Giants UFA signing....Your thoughts?

    Agree with everything you said except for making Linderbaum our first pick. No way should we draft him if either of the two tackles Neal or Ekwonu are there.
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    I *LOVE* This choice for a potential Giants UFA signing....Your thoughts?

    I think it was the case the year before, as well. Was it a matter of Joe Judge not being able to attract good coaches or him not being able to identify good coaching?
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    Pre Combine Draft 2-27

    A lot to like on the first two picks but we are no way able to take Hutchinson. Linderbaum lasting until pk # 17 is an even bigger stretch. I like to dream too.
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    Giants' Plan to Redo the Roster With Cuts, Restructures and Trades to Achieve Reducing the Cap by $40M.

    Give it one more year for Engram and really try to make things work for him.
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    Division Winner?

    I think that would be expecting too much too soon. I would be happy with .500,
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    Giants Draft?

    I can see the Giants getting one of the two top tackles at 5 and trading back a bit for picks and a shot at either Linderbaum, Cross, Penning or Reimann. More picks and a chance to get one of the better guards in the second round - maybe Zion Johnson out of BC?
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    State of Giants Offensive Line

    How much earlier could he have gotten surgery? It appears that he waited until right after the season ended.
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    Giants Draft?

    All those players and a bag of chips! Good selections. Who do the Broncos covet so much for our 5th?
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    Giants 2022?

    I have to believe that they will find a way to get Saquon back to his year-1 self and that alone will make the offense and the team that much better.
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    Giants Draft?

    No way would I over-reach and take a tackle other than Neal or Ekwonu with our #5. If we are hell-bent on getting a tackle I would try to get Cross at #7 or trade back if possible. Otherwise it is BPA.
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    Very Early 7-Round Giants Mock Draft

    If we could come away with your picks it would make me very optimistic for next season!