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  1. GiantsFan75

    Question for Patricia....

    Jaylon Smith?
  2. GiantsFan75

    Question for Patricia....

    Hi Patricia. Do you know what the status is on some of last year's players? Are they basically just on the market and can be signed by any team (including the Giants)? Not sure how many (if any) the Giants can afford? John Ross WR Matt Skura OG Nate Solder OT Billy Price OL Danny...
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    How many picks do the Giants have in Day 3???

    Not a fan of how they approached rounds 2 and 3. Oh well. How many licks do they have in rounds 4 thru 7?
  4. GiantsFan75

    Kayvon and Evan....Pretty much exactly what the Giants needed.

    Loved what the giants did here. Build through the trenches. Good prospects on the board for round 2. Giants can add a very good CB or a promising LB. Or, do they attack the OL with an interior O Linemen or grab the best TE!? Giants are looking to move Bradberry, so a CB makes sense.
  5. GiantsFan75

    Tell Us: Are you concerned about Kadarius Toney's skipoing of the off-season program?

    Two reasons why I'm concerned. 1. Assume reports are true about missing meetings and not knowing the playbook. 2. He had a poor rookie season. No other way to put it. If he is a headache after that, imagine what he would be like when he has a good season!!! Trade him for a second rounder...
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    Road to the Draft - 2022 - Quarterbacks

    There does seem to be a good deal of unpredictability at the QB position. Who is to say that Willis or Pickett can't exceed expectations??
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    Giants sign OG Mark Glowinski - 3 yr - 20 Million

    First "big" move for Schoen. Sounds like he will slide into RG for Will Hernandez. Meh. Good that he is addressing the line. Time will tell if it works out well.
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    I think the interviews are very important. Maybe not to raise/drop your stock, but to speak to what kind of person the prospect it. Kind of solidifies what teams are hearing behind the scenes. The actual performances.....I do think they help a little, but I don't think you see 6th or 7th...
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    Road to the Draft - 2022 - Quarterbacks

    So the NFL Draft Combine has come and gone. Pro-Days are next on the horizon. How are the Quarterbacks shaking up at this point? In my opinion, Malik Willis has taken the lead as QB1. Some reports even have Detroit as selecting Malik Willis with the #2 overall pick!!! His athleticism...
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    Roster 2022?

    There are about 22 players that are either restricted or unrestricted free agents. My guess, given the cap situation, we will get quite a bit of turnover.
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    Rob Ryan?

    Glad I don't have to see him on the sidelines. Good luck to him in Vegas.
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    New York Giants Injuries

    Haven't listened yet, but I wonder if some of the giants injuries would be "play through them" if they were in playoff contention.
  13. GiantsFan75

    Giants Draft?

    Yeah, I noticed that also. Some have gone from not being drafted to 2nd or 3rd round.
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    My offense focused Mock Draft - Feb. 11th 2022

    I focused a little more on the offense on this mock. Picks #5 and #7 would be on the o-line. 2nd round pick would be defense, but then exclusively offense... I'm very happy with the O-Line in this mock. Stock up on the TEs. Hopefully one pans out. Calvin Austin and Damien Pierce both...
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    Giants Draft?

    Let's hope it is an offensive Tackle!! The top 4 OT seems to be: The first # is their scout rating. The second # is their overall rank in the class of 2022 Evan Neal Alabama 94 3 Ikem Ekwonu NC State 93 7 Charles Cross Mississippi State 91 15 Trevor Penning Northern Iowa 91 16
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    Drafting a Punter in the late rounds

    I mean, sure..... Like Big Blue said, moving on from Dixon is necessary
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    Joe Judge

    He is back as an offensive assistant. Belicheck endorsed him to be the Giants coach, so it is reasonable that he bring him back to his staff ---------------------- Fired by the Giants in January after two years atop New York's staff, Joe Judge officially agreed to a deal to return to the...
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    Road to the Draft - 2022 - Quarterbacks

    The Shrine Bowl and Senior Bowl are a wrap. Top QBs had the chances to show their stuff to scouts and coaches. Where do the chip lie at this point? I think Malik Willis has pulled even in the race for QB1 with Kenny Pickett. Matt Corral did not participant in either game and seems to be...
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    Road to the Draft - 2022 - Quarterbacks

    Kiper and McShay......Feel Matt Corral is firmly locked in at the #3 spot. Feels like Willis' athleticism is winning scouts he seems to be the #2. Pickett holding onto #1.
  20. GiantsFan75

    Road to the Draft - 2022 - Quarterbacks

    With the arrival of the Senior Bowl and Shrine bowl, the first turns on the road to the draft are coming. Pickett's hands are to small..... Willis and Ridder are looking good in Senior Bowl practices. Making the throws, being coachable, confident.